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金沙国际唯一官网网址:Hua An Fund: Technological Innovation and Consumption Upgrade Two-wheel drive investment opportunities

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内容摘要: Technological innovation stems from the continuous deepening of human's cognition of the objective world while helping mankind better trans...

Technological innovation stems from the continuous deepening of human's cognition of the objective world while helping mankind better transform the objective world. The escalation of consumption stems from the continuous exploration and fulfillment of the inherent needs of human beings and at the same time promotes the development of social productive forces. Technological innovation and upgrading of consumption are important drivers of economic and social development, resulting in continued investment opportunities.

Science and technology provide the material basis for upgrading consumption. Benefiting from the continuous development of science and technology in the field of wireless communications, semiconductors and software, the bandwidth and coverage density of wireless transmission networks are continuously increasing. The information processing capabilities of smart terminals are continuously improving. Software and ecosystems are increasingly improved. The consumer electronics industry is rapidly upgrading and iterating. So as to achieve the public in the field of information consumption upgrade.

Technological innovation stimulates new consumer demand and accelerates the rate and frequency of consumer upgrades. Tesla's innovation and development in the field of new energy vehicles to create the ultimate consumer experience, such as acceleration much higher than the same grade fuel vehicles, and improve the interactive experience of digital vehicles, etc., which greatly stimulated the demand for new energy vehicles. At the same time, science and technology have a faster rate of growth than other elements of economic development such as system, capital and manpower. For example, each generation of iPhones has seen significant improvements in terms of information processing speed, display resolution and performance, human-computer interaction experience, ecosystem and software, driving consumers to maintain a sustained and rapid switching frequency.

Consumer escalation often points the way for technological innovation. Each consumer upgrade, represent the internal needs of consumers have been more release and satisfaction. How to meet the higher quality and higher requirements of consumer demand for the direction of scientific and technological innovation provides a guide. Historically, the continuous upgrading of internal combustion engine technology comes from the upgrade of automobile consumption experience. The development of new display technologies such as OLED and small-pitch display screens is driven by the clearer and more realistic demand for consumer upgrade.

Mature and durable consumer goods such as home appliances have created a new product shape through a combination of emerging technologies such as the Internet and smart control. Artificial intelligence and other new technologies gradually applied and popularized, bringing a new consumer experience. All of these make the product experience more humane and promote the consumption upgrade.

Consumer upgrades have led to an increase in brand concentration and improved the industry's competitive landscape, leading to industry leaders gaining higher margins and valuations steadily improving. Consumer leaders in the industry are often more able to grasp the direction of changes in consumer demand, the timely introduction of new products more in line with market demand, to the greatest extent possible to benefit from the trend of consumer upgrades. In recent years, due to the changes and restraints in many aspects such as industrial development, monetary environment and environmental protection policies, the concentration of many industries has been accelerating and showing strong and strong conditions. The industry leaders have not only enjoyed increasing strength in the domestic market Competitiveness, but also gradually become globally competitive.

Standing at the current time, we think that we should continue to attach importance to investment opportunities under the scrutiny of technology innovation and consumption upgrade.





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